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Cloud Hosting by AsiaFastHosts

Welcome to our new site, to highlight our Cloud Hosting services to our clients across Asia.

Please bear with us whilst we tidy up our new site. Our priority was to smoothly move our customers across to our new Cloud Hosting system, without any interruption to your services.

The 1st round of migrations on Fri 19th December have completed – without a single support ticket!

The final round of migrations is scheduled for 9th January 2015.

Shortly after that, our old servers will be decommissioned, and we’ll be operating fully ‘in the Cloud’.


For any support issues, please email us at

Why choose us..?

Cloud Linux

Rock Solid OS

CloudLinux innovations improve the security and stability of our servers, allowing critical OS patches to be updated WITHOUT rebooting the server.

SolidFire Storage

Cloud Storage

SolidFire is a fully resilient all-SSD Cloud Storage platform. Ultra fast, ultra safe storage. Instantly scaleable.

Varnish Cache

HTTP Accelerator

Varnish Cache is a web application accelerator also known as a caching HTTP reverse proxy. It’s really, really fast, typically speeds up web page delivery with a factor of 300 – 1000x.

About Us

Not all Web Hosts are created equal.

AsiaFastHosts is a family owned and run business, setup in 2004 when we moved from the UK to Singapore. Initially started as a hobby, we “retired” from our career in Banking to concentrate full time on our online ventures.

With a small team of staff, we not only operate AsiaFastHosts, but also run MacMedia, an affiliate marketing / lead generation company which has a portfolio of hundreds of websites tailored to various niche online markets. Creating and maintaining this network of sites has given us unrivaled experience in areas such as:

Picking a Domain Name (to Maximize SEO)
Keyword Research (before you waste time with SEO)
Dominating the Search Engines (Google / Bing / Yahoo)
Getting Traffic to your site (from Free & Paid sources)
Accepting Online Payments
Secure Digital Product Delivery

Picking a web host that has real world experience in creating websites that generate income, using ethical SEO tactics to dominate the search engines, and can give you advice on your marketing methods, tracking, traffic sources etc., can literally lift your business ahead of the competition.

Or, you could pick a web host that can recite the model number of every network switch every made, or has memorized every page of the Apache web server handbook!

We’re just saying… you might find our advice more useful!